Ready to live the dream and become an entrepreneur? As the only fashion brand launch academy of its kind, we help new and aspiring entrepreneurs take the steps necessary to successfully create, launch and run their own fashion or lifestyle consumer goods company.

As anyone who has set out on a new path can attest, you can only get so far without a guide before you risk getting lost or stranded. The same can be said of starting a business. Launched in 2010 by Shawn Ward, Co-Founder and President of SHANE+SHAWN shoes, Boardroom Rock Stars provides the tried-and-tested techniques and real world strategies that help new and aspiring entrepreneurs avoid these scenarios.

We have developed three programs that teach the fundamentals of launching and running a fashion or lifestyle goods company: our flagship Six Month Launch Academy is a hands-on coaching program with one-on-one sessions tailored to the client’s schedule, and our One Week Boot Camp consists of LIVE lectures via online video conferences (weekday evening sessions and full-day weekend sessions) and our Mentorship Program which provides on-going advisory services.

Boardroom Rock Stars programs cover:

  • Product Design & Development

 - Learn the process of creating designs, tech packages and developing samples

  • Business Plan Writing & Implementation

 - Get insights on the formal presentation of how your company will communicate its goals

  • Investor Relations & Fundraising

 - We teach where the funding opportunities are, how to pitch and how to value your company

  • Sourcing & Manufacturing

 - Determine the best strategies to find the best manufacturers for your brand

  • Logistics & Shipping

 - Learn the ins and outs of getting products shipped internationally and domestically and how to deal with customs and duties

  • Retail & Boutique Planning

 - Best practices taught for launching your own retail shop

  • Sales & International Distribution

 - We give you Sales Forms, Terms and Conditions, Distributor Agreements, etc.

  • e-Commerce Strategies

 - Find out the best fashion e-Commerce hosts, web-builders and how to generate traffic to your site

  • Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media

 & Online Advertising - We teach the best strategies to build the buzz your brand will need to drive sales

  • Collaborations & Partnership

s - Determine how to leverage other companies and individuals to bring excitement to your brand and generate new customers

  • Administrative & Staffing
 - Not the sexy part of the business, but necessary to keep turnover low and keep the back office strong

  • Trademarks & Federal/State Filings

 - Learn how to properly register your company and protect your idea from knock-offs

  • Brand Identity (logos, packaging, tag lines, etc.) - We will teach you how to create a consistent, fresh and aspirational image for your brand

  • Philanthropy Planning
 - We instruct you on how your brand can give back and benefit from being involved with a great cause

  • Website Creation - This is every start-up's place to tell the complete story, and we will teach you how to do this in a smart and efficient way

In addition to the teachings above, each student will have homework to learn the ins-and-outs of brand building by researching industry leaders, movies, trade publications, best practices, sourcing, etc.

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